Does fitbit versa lite have a camera

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Does fitbit versa lite have a camera

If you can't find an answer, see the Fitbit Help pages. As our friend mentioned, non of our product have camera. Keep in mind that you can always visit our feature suggestions board and share your ideas. Keep the stepping up! If you like something I recommended, I encourage you to mark that reply as "Best Answer". It's the light sensor. If you're screen brightness is on auto that's how it know what to set the brightness to.

Fitbit Versa Lite versus Fitbit Versa: How are they different?

If you look at the top of a modern smart phone you will also see one there it might look different but it's there. It is actually a light sensor, when the fitbit is on auto brightness, it determines how bright the screen actually is. I can assure you that what you are seeing is the ambient light sensor. Your Versa uses it to adjust the screen brightness, so you can read it in bright outside light, dim light and so on.

Take a look at the Fitbit help site for further assistance and information. Due to recent events affecting our operations, support options are limited and wait times are longer than usual.

Visit our help site for answers to many common questions and other self-service options. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Did you mean:. Does Versa have a camera? Recovery Runner. Report this post Message 1 of 9. This morning while I was walking I discovered a camera on my Versa.

Fitbit Versa Lite VS the Original Version

Is it camera or other? Moderator edit: subject for clarity. Best Answer. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Fitbit Community Council members are a select group of volunteers who share support knowledge on the forums and advocate for the betterment of Fitbit products and services. Learn more. Ultramarathon Racer. Report this post Message 2 of 9. There is no camera on any of the trackers.

Fitbit Community Moderators ensure that conversations are friendly, factual, and on-topic. We're here to answer questions, escalate bugs, and make sure your voice is heard by the larger Fitbit team. Fitbit Moderator.

Report this post Message 3 of 9. Report this post Message 4 of 9. Report this post Message 5 of 9. Base Runner. Report this post Message 6 of 9.I noticed a camera-looking thing on the right side of the watch nearer the last 'T' of 'Fitbit' in between the top and bottom buttons, but I can't find anything on the forums describing what it is.

Anyone know if it's really a camera or has some other purpose? It's quite concerning as I read that some people take a shower while wearing it Go to the Best Answer. That looks like an ambient light sensor - it's used to determine the appropriate brightness of the display. View best answer in original post. That's definitely what it is. If you cover it up with your finger the screen dims, then once you uncover it the brightness goes back up.

I noticed the red light on the front of the versa also.

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Mine screen does not dim when I put my finger over it. I am thinking it's a camera also and I'm very uncomfortable with it. If your screen is set to manual brightness, then covering the sensor won't do anything. It's only used for the automatic brightness adjustments. Looking to get more sleep? Join the conversation on our Sleep better forum. It is not a camera it is the Bluetooth connector for your wifi pay ect.

Does it use a camera to detect light? Is there proof that there is not a camera inside there? Perhaps detecting light is an excuse and taking videos of us is the hidden function? Can you imagine the video quality? There's probably a good reason wrist cameras aren't a thing.

It is a light sensor. Your Fitbit might not be adjusting to the light due to your brightness setting. I think it's actually not that bad considering phone's have been incorporating tiny cameras for so long and plus those fake-button spy cameras are a thing and have decent footage. No doubt the resolution could be good, but the placement I think I move my arm way too much to produce a video worth anything. I have a big circle with the camera looking in the dead centre of my screen and it does not disappear when I hold my finger on the screen.

Can anyone help me with this problem. Is this not the photo clock face that has the circle on the screen with the camera icon in the middle? It's asking you to choose a photo to set as the background. If you don't want to do that then just change the clock face to something else.

Fitbit Versa Lite tips and tricks to get started with your new smartwatch

You have to have the auto brightness on to put your finger on and the light will dim. Hope this helps. Due to recent events affecting our operations, support options are limited and wait times are longer than usual. Visit our help site for answers to many common questions and other self-service options. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Showing results for.

does fitbit versa lite have a camera

Did you mean:. Camera-looking thing on face of Versa??This is one of the tools I am very fond of in the apple watch. I use this a lot in group pictures and traveling. With the new Charge HR, it would be awesome if you guys could add this feature. It can't be that difficult since it connects to bluetooth already. You guys are the leaders in wearbles so I'm sure everyone would benefit from this feature.

I belive the apple watch can do this. But since the Blaze has buttons and bluetooth. It would be such an obvious feature to add to the Blaze. Its simple and Its probably a bluetooth standard already out there. Most people will find that when the camera app is openvthat pressing volume up on the Blaze will take a picture.

If it doesn't see this page. Have you tried this on iOS or are you just assuming it should work beause there is some standard out there that says it should work? In a previous thread another user confirmed that it works for Android but I have tested it on iOS and it does not work. When I use the volume button on my phone, it takes a picture, When I use the volume up button on my blaze, it turns the the volume up, as designed.

See this threadin which yes the iOS camera can be controlled by the volume. This thread also has a link to the official apple workaround for a known problem. Hint: restart phone. Connect the Ionic Classic to the phones bluetooth. Startup the camera and use the volume control to take a picture. When I swipe up to see music controls, it only shows that I have no music to play. To get to the manual click the word help below, click the pucture of the tracker, click user manual.

Would be a great idea! This is a very n ice suggestion, thanks for sharing. Keen to hear what others think? I'll leave this open in case you want an app specifically designed for this but the workaround is:. I propose shaking your hand to trigger shutter because when you're selfie with your friends your hands will not available. NOTE : I think fitbit or third party developer can do this easily becausd my cheap Bluetooth headphone can do this function.

Thanks for sharing! Your headphone, or selfie stick uses the volume control to trigger the camera. Hi soguilk and commenters, thanks for sharing this suggestion. You can then explore third party apps by category and choose your favorite of the relevant options available. Happy exploring! Please note that if you have feedback or a suggestion for the third party app, you can contact the developer directly if they have shared their contact details publicly.Are these missing features a deal breaker?

Not quite. It has a clean and square look with chamfered edges, and it sits comfortably on the wrist. The 1. The small profile also allows you to wear other jewelry with it. Fitbit opted to include only one button on the Versa Lite, further adding to its streamlined appearance. The single button is placed on the left side of smartwatch and is raised slightly above the casing. When pressed, the button has a nice click and is very responsive. Because it is the only button on the device, it is going to see significant usage.

The smartwatch ships with two silicone bands — small and large — that accommodate a wide range of wrist sizes. You can easily switch between the two bands to dial in the perfect fit. Not a problem, as Fitbit offers additional bands to customize the watch.

does fitbit versa lite have a camera

I tested several watch bands and preferred the stock silicone strap during the week so I could go from the workplace to a workout without having to change out the band. On the weekends, I made the quick switch to the leather or metallic band when the occasion called for a more formal appearance.

does fitbit versa lite have a camera

I reviewed the Marina blue model, and the color falls between a royal blue and navy blue. The blue color was eye-catching but sometimes clashed with what I was wearing. I do wish Fitbit offered the Versa Lite in black, my favorite color for a watch because it matches most outfits and accessories.

The Versa Lite compiles all the fitness stats you need to stay healthy without overwhelming you. On the watch, you can track exercises, heart rate, steps, sleep, and whether you are moving each hour. Fitbit may have cut the price on the Versa Lite, but it kept the quality of the tracking intact. That being said, I do miss seeing the number of stairs climbed as that is one feature Fitbit opted to remove to keep the cost of the device low.

The exercise app lets you choose from seven different activities, and you can customize which exercises appear on this shortcut list and how they are ordered.

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Fitbit includes 19 of the most common activities including running, weights, interval training, biking, hiking and more. Once you select and start your exercise, you can view your performance metrics on the watch while you work out.

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The Versa Lite will track distance, heart rate, time, calories burned and more. All this data is synced to the Fitbit app for further analysis. It does mean that you will need to carry your phone with you if you want to track your routes, though. Fitbit had to make cuts to lower the price on the Versa Lite and music is one area that got the axe.

The data from the watch is synced to the Fitbit mobile appwhich uses a dashboard interface to provide insight into your health each day. The app also allows you to track your weight, meals, water intake, and your menstrual cycles if you are a woman. The dashboard is organized into tiles that summarize daily performance. You can tap each tile to view the statistics for previous days and weeks. The Fitbit app encourages you to exercise by providing challenges and communities that you can join.

These are useful when you need that extra push or accountability to stick to your workout plan. Here you can choose a custom watch face that displays the data that you prefer. Choices range from data-rich digital readouts to simple analog faces.The company took the best of the Versa and bundled it into the new Versa Litewhile also removing just a few features.

That means you get an even more affordable, entry-level smartwatch. We break it down. Externally, the Fitbit Versa Lite and the original Versa look very similar. Both have a rectangular watch face, rounded bezel, and replaceable watch bands.

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Feature-wise, the Versa Lite keeps the core features of the original Versa including a touchscreen interface, 5 ATM water-resistance, third-party apps, and connected GPS. Both devices also have an optical heart rate sensor, activity tracking, sleep tracking, notifications, and even female health tracking.

On the outside, the most significant difference between the two watches is the button layout. The original Versa uses three buttons along with a touchscreen to navigate through the menu system, while the Versa Lite only has one button.

Fitbit also stripped out the stairs tracking, swim lap counting, Fitbit Coach guided workouts, music storage, and Wi-Fi connectivity, which was used primarily for music transfer.

It is designed for consumers who are hesitant to purchase a smartwatch because of the cost or the complexity of the device. To fill this niche, Fitbit lowered the price on the Versa Lite and simplified the fitness device so it will be accessible for everyone. Color choices include white, lilac, mulberry, and marina blue.

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April 3, Currently on pre-sale, will be available soon. Full Review.The Fitbit Versa offers plenty of features and potential as does its cheaper compatriot the Versa Lite. But knowing the best apps to download from the start can boost your experience tenfold. Like Fitbit's smartwatchthe Ionic, the Versa and Versa Lite are able to tap into the company's app store and provide a home for the range of third-party and Fitbit Labs choices.

does fitbit versa lite have a camera

Read the review : Fitbit Versa 2 tested. Downloading an app to your Versa can't be done from the watch. So you'll have to do it from inside of the Fitbit smartphone app and then sync it to the smartwatch to access it from the wrist. Some of these apps will prove essential, some you'll grow tired of quickly, but all are worth glancing over as you get to know your new Fitbit.

Need help discovering the top Fitbit Versa apps currently out there?

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Take a trip down below, as we round up the best options that we've played with. Providing you have the iOS or Android version of the MySwimPro app, you'll be able to tether and manage things from your wrist while you're in the water — the Versa is waterproof, after all. Obviously it can be a little tricky trying to pause proceedings on the fly, but this is a handy way to load workouts and be walked through them step-by-step; all while still viewing your heart rate in real time.

Adding some colour to your bulbs already feels futuristic enough, but just think of the fun you'll be having when you sync them to your wrist for control. Setting up can be a bit of a hassle, as you'll need the bridge IP when getting started, but it's a great way to quickly switch between colours when your phone isn't to hand.

You're already pretending to do work in Starbucks, so why not take things to the next level and begin paying from your wrist to impress people, too?

The Starbucks app doesn't act as a portal for Fitbit Pay, because, you know, that'd be pointless, but it does offer a home to your Starbucks Card. From here, you'll be able to redeem all the coffee house's goodness without faffing about. It's not the Spotify or Apple Music app you might be craving, but Deezer is still available for subscribers to stream music directly from the wrist — providing you have a pair of Bluetooth headphones at the ready, too. Once you're all set up, you'll have access to 44 million tracks, while Deezer Flow is a nice way to mix up your old favourites with fresh recommendations.

Handily, you won't need a New York Times subscription to read all the biggest news stories of the day, with the Versa app condensing everything into small reading chunks. It's a handy tool on your wrist for catching some headlines, but you'll need to go find stories on the app or website if you want to read more — unfortunately there's no automatic handover from the watch to a bigger screen.

Tennis may seem like a fun time when you watch it on TV, with the score being kept by tournament officials, but those prima donnas won't be showing up to your game at the local park, unfortunately. And that means you're left to argue with your athletic younger brother over what the score is every other game.

Leave this first world problem in the past with Fitbit Labs' Tennis, an app that'll help you count the score.

Fitbit Versa Lite review

You'll have to remember to tap your watch after every point, but you'll soon pick it up and even receive insights into your shots by forehand, backhand and serve. The Versa screen is naturally too small to give you a look at the map of your Uber driver on their way, but it does give you a way to discreetly and quickly order a ride, view estimates and tap through driver details.

On a bad date? With the help of the Uber app, you'll be halfway home and eating that surge charge before they even realise you're not at the bar. You sly dog. Ah, Flappy Bird, a titan of the early paid-for phone game rush and a close cousin of 'that helicopter game'. Recreated for the Versa, the magic of Flappy is certainly not in the graphics, complexity or even the paradigm facing urban birds, but instead in the simple addiction.

Tap the screen to help your winged friend avoid the pipes — the more you avoid, the higher score you get. Approved by the US' Environmental Protection Agency, Air Index is able to give you a live update of the air quality at any point in the country.

Updated every hour, you'll be given the air quality figures and, because nobody really knows what those mean, a circular face to tell you if that's good or not. We're glad this one hasn't made it over to London yet, where everybody is breathing in soot like it's the industrial revolution all over again. Fancy yourself as a bit of a shredder, slick? Well, with the Skateboard app for Fitbit Versa, you're now able to track your sessions in the park on your wrist.

Your heart rate will feature throughout, while you're also able to get live looks at the current speed, average speed, max speed, distance travelled and session duration. Your wood-pushing activity stats are even beamed over to the Fitbit app and counts towards your daily goals — just don't go wild trying to max out your speed with a coffin down a hill. That'll end, probably, in your Versa being a watch orphan. Wareable is reader-powered.Fitbit has just updated its Versa range.

There are three devices to choose from now including the Versa 2, Versa and Versa Lite. Granted, the company will phase out the original model as indicated by the removal of the tracker from its website.

Nevertheless, Versa will still be around on various retail outlets, until stocks last. This means you will probably be able to pick it up with some hefty discounts. And what about Versa Lite? What will you miss out on if you purchase the stripped back iteration? When it come to looks, there are quite a few similarities but also some differences to be aware of between the Versas.

The two buttons on the right have not made the cut again. So on these two all navigation is done by swiping and tapping on the screen. The three watches are made of series aerospace-grade aluminum and come with the same square-ish display. However Fitbit has increased the screen size for the latest iteration whilst keeping the dimensions of the device the same. This means it should be easier to read everything, especially in bright outside conditions and while exercising. The bigger, more high-res screen is probably the biggest distinguishing design factor of Versa 2.

A bit of a disappointment as many were hoping Fitbit would add it on to Versa 2. Battery life is not bad. The first two models come with around 4 days of battery juice. The latest version comes with one day extra. This will come in useful if you choose the new always-on display option. Mind you, it will probably drain the battery fast if you opt to use it. There are various bands to choose from, which are interchangeable and backwards compatible.

All of these watches will have you covered when it comes to monitoring your steps, distance, sleep, exercise and more. After all, this is what Fitbit is best known for.


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